December 1st, 2011

stock ◇ coloured thingies

► it's the most beautiful time of the year~

(last updated: 08/12/11)

joyeux noël in advance o(^▽^)o

okay so I'll be sending presents/cards to:

- casey (@checkmate)
- jessica (@kangin)
- shara (@shimchwang)
- jaime (@methjoong)
- leah (@junsoup)
- alice (@ricetard)

- elizabeth (@rednotion)
- su wai (@kyuriousity)
- chloe (@zhoumee)
- anu (@singcinderella)
- gerrie (@minerrie)
- fang yi (@diamondything)
- laolao (@districthirteen)
- dom (@aeroplaning)
- larisa (@larisa_tan)
- amanda (@panda_hero0)
- rae (@stlnky)
- alette (@gentlemimi)

I should have all your addresses already!! (I might have lost some, because I replaced my phone and the messages were lost, but no worries, I'll ask if I need) + if anyone else wants, feel free to comment below ;D also comments aren't screened but you can just message me your address after.